No really that’s not my cat in a beer box…



20120420-171137.jpg I finally have some time to spend in my studio. Problem is it is sunny and 72 degrees with a nice breeze! Do I work inside in my cramped little studio space or do Von trap it on a hill and enjoy the weather? Oh how does one solve a problem like Maria! Aaaaargh!


20120418-201003.jpgOkay so my  first What’s On Your Desk Wednesday Yay Me! I don’t have any projects pending. the project I am working on involves a monkey invitation for my soon to be step niece and Photoshop, so the project is all digital. But I did however take a photo of my most recent haul. New Tim Holtz stamps, Micro glaze, a craft scrubby, and some seriously awesome ideology faucet handles and clock keys. Very excited about getting to make something with those!

 Okay so I am …

Okay so I am trying desperately to maintain my blog…. Why you may ask? Who knows?

…………..I’m just kind of born that way.

Maybe it is a “notice me, Notice me” kind of thing. Maybe it is my love of technology and the thirst for knowledge ( HA!), or maybe I am just trying to sell a few more books… I am sure all of these have some play in this decision to put my life out there digitally. I do however think the biggest reason is that I like to share and learn. I have lost my community of artists and friends. I am a ship set a sail alone… boo hoo.  Most of the people I interact with on a daily basis have no idea why I have a huge fetish for craft stores, or why I can spend 3 hours in Dick Blick picking out paper.

So you people , where ever you may be, are now my support system- my partners in artsy crime, my reassurance that I am not the only one who will “delay” a car payment because there is a sale at Michael’s.

Please if you have any suggestions, comments, words of encouragements or even damnations… let me know.

Finally found a pic I like.




Hi blog buddies. I’ve been gone for far to long! I was getting a bit agravated with blogger, so I have jumped ship and moved to WordPress. The pic above is a bit of a test post. I am blogging from my IPhone. The pic is if an unfinished( since finished) book cover for my neice.

What’s on my desk…..

New Books

new books

Toilet Paper Roll Art- Junior Fritz Jacquet

 There is a feel and an emotion to a material. It speaks to you. The beauty and history of the potential material tells you what it wants to be. The most frustrating part of an Artist’s life is failing to do it justice, failing to express what potential is  in your chosen material is devastating. This, in my humble opinion, is why we hoard. When we are unable to release the material’s potential, we have to protect it till we are able. I am sure everyone has some hidden stash waiting for their artistic expertise comes close to the level dictated by the precious stash.It was at the tender age of 14 years old when he first learned of his enduring love for origami art and its principles. It was an average day at school when his teacher instructed the students to build their own origami model. Jacquet connected immediately with the art form, understood its applications, and that they could be utilized far beyond a single piece of paper. Since that time, he has perfected his skills and techniques in a never-ending exploration of folding and crumpling paper to his will and design.